Harold Smith
Portrait by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Harold Smith

Mr. Smith has represented, Lloyds of London, American insurance companies and other foreign insurers for over 50 years, in the handling of fine art, theft and jewelry losses, as well as damages to objects of art.  Over and above that, Mr. Smith has been a security consultant for Lloyds, for the leading jewelers, museums and art galleries in the United States, as well as overseas.

As a representative of Lloyds of London he is one of a small circle of American private investigators specializing in art theft and jewelry.  He has continuously handled cases involving Sotheby's, Christie's, the Smithsonian, the Getty Museum, Los Angeles County Museum, University of Chicago Museum, Tiffanys and other jewelers, museums and art galleries, as well as private collectors throughout the United States and abroad, including the largest gold robbery in the history of the United States, fake Rembrandts, master thefts from museums and others.

The profession involves him with a wide range of people affected by the art and jewelry world, including FBI agents, curators, crooks, appraisers, restorers, artists, Scotland Yard, Interpol and famous international collectors.